Monday, 6 August 2012

A quickie on Optimus Prime :)

The title sounds rather wrong...

The intent, however, is all noble as I try to unravel, where possible, one of the mystery of the universe (lol) - the many versions / variants of Optimus Prime and how does one differentiate them in the market...and we are not even talking about the KOs (yet).

Pictures paint a thousand words. Have a look at these 4 variants first...can you spot the difference and identify the Optimuses?

Picture 1

Picture 2

 Picture 3

 Picture 4

In a glance :

All 4 cabs look quite similar - standard red body with blue legs but wait...check out the smokestacks and holographic rubsign. Prime (pic 1) has shorter smokestacks than the other 3 while Prime (pic 3) is without a holographic rubsign (ie. pre-rub). Prime (pic 4) has RED feet!!

All 4 trailers look quite similar too - in standard silverish grey color with the blue striped stickers and Autobot insignia but wait again...check out the metal plate tabs on the trailer (pic 3).

So, are you able to identify the Optimuses yet? It's alright, the answers could be found at the foot of this page. (Click on them for their individual reviews.) Yeah, definitely more than meets the eye *wink*...