Thursday, 26 July 2012

Back to 'basic'...Generation One Optimus Prime

FOC Optimus Prime at 50% off didn't happen...sigh...

I shall then continue my nostalgic walk down memory lane, yet again...this time with the 1984 Generation One (G1) Optimus Prime...


 Back - 1984 by Hasbro Bradley, after Hasbro acquired Milton Bradley

 Printed and manufactured in Japan, something you don't see nowadays...

 Empty box

 Cab and trailer - quite similar with the TRU version, only with longer smokestacks

 Chrome and stickers still look excellent

 Bottom of trailer - Takara Co. Ltd. 1980,1982, Hasbro 1980, 1982

 Yes, Prime comes with a holographic rubsign

 Booklets, instruction manual, catalogue

Hmmm...G1 or G2? Which Optimus Prime series (or generation) is better, relatively speaking? You would need to decide this on your own. Maybe you would prefer TF Prime instead? :P

G1 Optimus Prime (top), G2 Optimus Prime (bottom)