Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Wishlist updated...part 2

Hasbro Armada Powerlinx Optimus Prime shipped out from US 21/1/10... received on 28/1/10 but wtf...seller sent me the normal Armada Optimus Prime instead!! Seller offered refund of USD10... bought another Powerlinx Prime loose, complete instead...local seller some more...

Hasbro Costco Exclusive Optimus Prime + Overload bought! Awaiting shipping from US... now to find Jetfire to complete the whole set... another headache, seller has yet to dispatch my filing a complaint thru Ebay...just filed claim with Paypal 10/1/10... yeaa...good news!! Seller has shipped it via EMS...

Sonokong Armada Overload bought! Shipping from, after conversion >RM130...Takara version will cost slightly more than double. Cheapest found so far RM280 MIB... item received in good condition 9/1/ Powerlinx Magna Jet Convoy completed!!

Next on my lists :
1. TRU Magna Convoy...found the source but the problem is how to conclude the transaction via COD...hmmm.... gosh...item SOLD!

2. Lucky Draw Armada Optimus Prime...this would definitely be the ultimate collection but at RM5450.00, I would seriously need to think about owning it...not to mention, where the heck am I going to find that amount of money??? Just imagine the amount of chap fan I could be eating in months (maybe