Thursday, 1 January 2015

Mastermind Creations KM-01X Commander

My first post for 2015 (albeit a rather half-baked one...) for a final haul of 2014 which coincidentally arrived on the last day of the year, what are the odds for that huh?

Anyhow, while everyone's picking up their MP Ultra Magnus, I could only afford picking up this very old piece...hehe...old because it was last released back in 2011.

Behold..."Shattered Glass Optimus Prime"...not!

Limited to only 500 pieces worldwide, it was an exclusive release at the Victoria's Ultimate Hobby and Toy Fair, with pre-orders via Cherry Bomb Toys.

Knight Morpher Commander KM-01X Exclusive video
(source : Cherry Bomb Toys channel)

The above video basically sums up everything you need to know about this piece.

Being a mold completist and with this in hand, I'm done with this Knight Morpher mold...finally...

Nice box art...
(from top : KM-01, KM-01X, KM-02 Annihilator)

....unless MMC decides to revive this mold yet again, with Ultra. He's supposingly the next in line to lead the Knight Morphers...but then again, we shall leave it for another day, when it happens.

(source : MMC blog)