Sunday, 12 October 2014

BIG bots Revisited...

Created an album titled "My BIG Bots" on my Facebook earlier but in case, you're not into Facebook-ing or probably in a country where this social media is being banned, fret not...I'm going to mirror those pics here. Well, I might even add a few more, just for your viewing pleasure...

 Omega Supreme (left), Omega Sentinel (right)

Black Unicron

Cybertron Primus
Now for the rest...still MISB...

Cybertron Primus and its many packaging variants (source of pic : tfwiki)

(from left : Primus with Unicron head, 1st-release Primus, Walmart exclusive Primus with Mini-Cons)
Takara 00 Primus
Energon toyline of Unicrons was redecoed from the Armada toyline, one sporting black and transparent orange while maintaining the other orange/yellow Armada version in the Energon packing box.

Energon Unicrons
This TF2010 version of Unicron and Primus remain highly sought after as they are of a complete different mold than previously displayed.

2010 Primus (left), Unicron (right)
To highlight the difference : (source of pics : tfwiki)
Cybertron Primus vs 2010 Primus
Cybertron Primus
2010 Primus
Armada / Energon Unicron vs 2010 Unicron

Armada / Energon Unicron
2010 Unicron
If you're enjoying this and intend to own one (or more), just drop me a line...anything and everything is up for grabs (ie. for sale) for the right price...provided they are still available...cheers!