Sunday, 18 May 2014

Transformers Now-and-Then Figures Set

In contrary to what had been advertised by Toys "R" Us, this set is NOT can it be free if you have to purchase something first in order to have it? Hmm...maybe we are not using the same definition of the word...

Anyhow, a glance at the Set, given 'free' with a minimum purchase of RM250 worth of the new Transformers : Age of Extinction (AOE) toy range :

Front / Top - "Now"
Back / Bottom - "Then"

Taadahh...basically, the Set consists of 2 mini Optimus Prime figures - one depicting the "Now" - new AOE Optimus Prime mold (the figure on the right) and the "Then" - G1 mold (figure on the left).

If you are expecting some cheap plastic-ky material figures, you will be surprised...they are relatively heavy for their size...I reckon made from brass or iron or whatsover...good for paper weight or as chess set replacement pieces...haha...

"Hi, we are both Optimus Prime"
I understand there are 600 sets up for, head on to the nearest Toys "R" Us, while stocks last....