Saturday, 11 January 2014

Toy Review : Alternity Nissan GT-R / Red Convoy

First post of the new's wishing everyone Happy New Year 2014!

I had never been a fan of the Alternity, Alternator or Binaltech series. Hence, never own any Prime / Convoy in these series...until this good deal came about...(also, got 'poisoned' by a fellow collector too)

...and behold, my first Alternity Convoy. Few versions (silver and black) but to me, red is the ONLY color synonymous with Optimus Prime.

Box (Front)
Box (Back)
Contents removed from the box, still encapsulated in a plastic tray
Car unboxed, with the instruction manual
View from all angles :

One of many reasons I like this piece...everything can be opened!

As this is not a new piece (released back in 2009) and with numerous reviews already on the web (just Google Alternity Red Convoy, you get what I mean...), I shall save myself the trouble and let you just savor its pics...besides, pictures are worth more than a thousand words, right? :)

Convoy, let's transform!

...and there you have it, Alternity Convoy in robot mode...

Hmmm...let's see...should I get the Super GTR too? To be continued...