Sunday, 20 October 2013

Goodbye, Convoys...

What's with the comma? That's right, has nothing to do with the rare piece, Goodbye Convoy.

This is basically saying farewell, goodbye, adios to some of my favorite called for duty back in Cybertron, another to fight forest fires in Kalimantan...

Pics, in memory of :

Galaxy Convoy / Cybertron Optimus Prime

Goodbye, big brother...

Fire Convoy / RID Optimus Prime

Finally, a grand send-off by their fellow Primes...

(From left : Galaxy Convoy, Fire Convoy, Powermaster Prime, Action Master Prime, G1 Optimus Prime)

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Prime of all times

This post basically summarizes most of the Optimus Prime in my humble collection. Just to simplify matters, I'm gonna 'catalog' them based on the year of release...(Credit to Tfwiki : Optimus Prime G1 toy for the timelines)

(Point to note, Optimus Prime under the Unicron trilogy series (eg. Armada, Energon, Cybertron etc.) would not be featured here...another post perhaps?)

It started off with Generation One (G1) (1984-1986)...the many molds and variations of Optimus Prime...

"Can anyone identify us? We look almost alike..."

...followed by the Powermaster era (1988)...

the vintage...

...and again, in 2003

the reissue...

the old and the young...rolling out together...

Action Master (1990)

"err...who's driving the truck?"

Optimus Prime : "oh wait, I can't transform!"

There is apparently a Takara release, not part of the Transformers toyline but rather Microman. Same mold, green in color though...

Generation 2 (G2) :
Optimus Prime (1993-1994)

G2 OP : "may I join you guys?"

Hero Optimus Prime (1994)

Machine Wars Optimus Prime (1997)

...and its European counterpart Turbomaster leader, Thunderclash

15th anniversary reissues (G1) :
Convoy and Jafcon Black Convoy (2000)

New Year Special Convoy (2002)

Commemorative series (G1) (2002-2003)

Series I

Series II - Powermaster Optimus Prime and Apex Bomber

Transformers Collection (TFC0) Convoy (2003)

Masterpiece Optimus Prime (MP-1, 2004)

Convoy vs Megatron (VSX, 2004)

"why are we so small?"

Mini Toy Shop Collection Convoy (2004)

Robotmasters G1 Convoy (2004)

Battle Convoy (G2) (2006) -  a reissue of the Laser Optimus Prime

Titanium series - War Within Optimus Prime (2006)

Classics - Optimus Prime (2006)

Hybrid Style :
T.H.S. 02 Convoy (2006)

I'm the 1st edition Takara...not the reissue Takara Tomy one...

T.H.S. 02B Black Convoy (2006)

Black is beautiful...
Pepsi Optimus Prime (2007)

"I don't drink Coke..."
Encore - Optimus Prime (2007)

Henkei :
Convoy (2008) 
Crystal Convoy (2008)

"I'm the crystal one..."
 Titanium series - Optimus Prime (2009) (Target-exclusive redeco)

Masterpiece Convoy (MP-4, 2009)

United :
Optimus Prime Cybertron mode (2010) (similar mold to Hasbro's War for Cybertron Optimus Prime)

The band of brothers...
Laser Optimus Prime (2011)

Hasbro version
Takara version
Bathing Ape exclusives (G1) (2011, 2012, 2013)

"I'm going green..."
"...and now grey..."

"...finally, red..."
Masterpiece Optimus Prime (2012) - Hasbro release of MP-10 Convoy

"Can't wait to get out..."
Together, let's roll...

To conclude...a glimpse of the Galaxy a prelude to what's in store next...

Kindergarten to secondary...