Thursday, 7 June 2012

Yellowness hauls part 2...

A continuation of my yellowness hauls...

Finally, got my hands on this bling-bling beauty...Costco exclusive metallic Battle Ops Bumblebee!! I understand that this was a limited edition release...

(credit : google pic)
Not much difference between the normal HFTD Battle Ops Bumblebee and the Costco version - of course the color is different (duhh..), the Costco version comes with a rather 'classier' packaging, with 2 legend class figurines - Bumblebee (also gold in color) and Mudflap...unfortunately for me, the seller lost both...sigh...but doesn't really matter though...hmm, what else? Err...the fingers on the right hand is blue (normal) while it's translucent white for the Costco version, so when it's lighted up, the former is blue while the latter is red.

Both have equal play value in terms of electronics. Just press the autobot insignia - the eyes and front headlamps will lit up. Anyway, some simple shots before it is cabinet bound. In robot mode :

Vehicle mode : don't you just love these metallic colors?

In attack mode : just need to turn the cannons to face the front

LED lighted when buttons are pressed. Sorry for the blurred shot 'coz was trying to juggle between holding the camera and the Bumblebee :P