Thursday, 12 April 2012

Latest hauls of yellowness... has been a while since my last post...

Can't help it if I have no hauls since then. I've (in my opinion) completed my Optimus Primes (sure, there are some lines still missing eg. Alternity, Alternator, Robotmasters, Beast to name a few). I'm quitting Megatrons (still left 4 and are on my sell list). Rodimus isn't really my cup of tea (yup, also on my sell list). So, what's else to collect?

The other character which I do have a handful is none other than Bumblebee. Since this one is rather a shelfwarmer in most stores,'s a good time to haul some then. More toystores are having their clearance sales, especially on the DOTM line which has bombed big time, relatively speaking to its previous 2 predecessors (TFTM and ROTF).

DOTM Bumblebees are going for "any 3 for RM100" and we have varieties to choose from...from the normal Bumblebee, Movie Exclusive Bumblebee (the one with numbers on its hood), Nitro Bumblebee to Cyberfire Bumblebee (bought this earlier, should have waited...)...wait, there's of course the Target Exclusive Bumblebee (slightly translucent in color and comes with a comic book).

The latest release of Transformers Prime (RID) Bumblebee unfortunately, falls into the same category of shelfwarmer. Having the most pieces in a case of deluxe assortment, its price has dipped recently from retail pricing of RM59.90 to RM30.00...

Coupled with my years-ago haul (Evolution of a Hero), behold - my latest Bumblebees collection...soon, I may need to change my nickname to "opbees" instead...haha