Friday, 30 December 2011

WST Optimus Prime...

This is the real original 01 wst Optimus Prime and not those cheap KOs...

This cartoonish candy box includes :

1. WST Optimus Prime (robot mode)
2. WST Optimus Prime (trailer mode in separate mini G1 style box) - a tiny version of the 01 OP
3. Mini flyer - tiny version of the original Jap flyer which includes pics of Devastator, Megatron etc..
4. Mini reproduction newspaper, featuring Ronald Reagan
5. Mini stickers (unfortunately, missing)

Size comparison with the standard G1 Optimus Prime

This also happens to be my last haul for the year..:) Looking forward to more great hauls in the coming year...Happy New Year! from the 01 (15th anniversary) Primes...