Sunday, 15 May 2011

Farewell my combiners...

Not to be confused with the movie "Farewell my concubines"...haha.. then again, with Optimus Prime as my main collection character (aka 1st wife), the other characters seem to be 2nd, 3rd wives aka concubines...haha..

Anyway, the combiners have been offloaded (finally) in an effort to rationalise SKUs (I mean, collection..). With my new direction in collecting only Primes, where possible; the other characters have increasingly becoming peripherals. Hope the new owner would have more fun with them than I ever did in much fun could one have if the items were never removed from their packaging?

Pics taken before the change of ownership for memento sake...(from left : Classic Constructicons Devastator, RID Buildking)...rare and VHTF but with its increasing value, it's time to let go.