Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Robot Masters...

This toyline has never interest me. Seems like a smaller version of the Masterpiece but bigger brother to the THS series. Simple articulation though...

Unlike many of the other releases from both Hasbro and its Japanese counterpart, Takara (now Takaratomy), this series is only produced by Takara.

Optimus Prime (G1 Convoy) comes in 3 versions :

1. G1 Convoy (RM-01) - normal version

2. G1 Convoy + DVD (RM-10) - special metallic edition, comes with a DVD containing the first episode of Robot Masters cartoon

3. G1 Convoy Black Edition (RM-01) - Dengeki Hobby magazine exclusive

Priced at RM49.90 during the initial release, this series especially G1 Convoy has been able to fetch double the initial investment nowadays. There is no sign of a reissue, hence making it one of the sought after series in the secondary market (I think...).