Tuesday, 22 March 2011

01 Optimus Prime COMPLETED!!!

01 Optimus Prime (15th anniversary reissue edition) comes in a set of 3* :

1. normal G1 Prime
2. Black Prime (also known as Jafcon Convoy, exclusively available only at Jafcon Japan)
3. New Year Convoy (comes with extra stuff...etc)

* excludes the Lucky Draw edition (the one with gold wheels) - expensive and over-rated..haha..

I believe it has been a 2 years pursuit of happyness..haha, got the New Year Convoy last year at an incredible low price (low relative to market price of RM600+ and above). Subsequently, Jafcon version by squeezing every ounce of money to own it before obtaining the normal version this year from Singapore. You can't imagine how cheap TFs are from our neighbouring country, even taking into account the currency exchange...sometimes, you just wonder how come we are paying top-notch money for toys...

I don't think I'll be de-MISB/MIB-ing them for awhile given the investment incurred...unless of course, I'm able to obtain another set, hopefully this time in loose or BIB condition.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the pics...cheers!