Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Robot Masters...

This toyline has never interest me. Seems like a smaller version of the Masterpiece but bigger brother to the THS series. Simple articulation though...

Unlike many of the other releases from both Hasbro and its Japanese counterpart, Takara (now Takaratomy), this series is only produced by Takara.

Optimus Prime (G1 Convoy) comes in 3 versions :

1. G1 Convoy (RM-01) - normal version

2. G1 Convoy + DVD (RM-10) - special metallic edition, comes with a DVD containing the first episode of Robot Masters cartoon

3. G1 Convoy Black Edition (RM-01) - Dengeki Hobby magazine exclusive

Priced at RM49.90 during the initial release, this series especially G1 Convoy has been able to fetch double the initial investment nowadays. There is no sign of a reissue, hence making it one of the sought after series in the secondary market (I think...).

Friday, 25 March 2011

Transformers Collection #0...

TFC#0 in short...

So, what does this mean exactly? Is this my whole collection of Transformers which I'm planning to share here? Collection #0 to be followed by #1, so on and so forth?

Of course not...don't really have alot to share anyway...humble...humble...

Walking down memory lane...somewhere in 2003, Takara after countless of reissues, decided to have another reissue of the ever-popular G1 Optimus Prime. While the basic accessories (ie. fists, roller, nozzle, pump, missiles etc..) remain intact, Takara felt IMO, a need to include an Energon axe which happens to be an iconic weapon used by Optimus Prime during his battles with Megatron.

I was made to understand that thereafter, subsequent releases of Optimus Prime (selected lines such as Robotmasters and Masterpieces, to name a few) included the axe. In most cases, it's the clear orange axe with the e-hobby exclusive Robotmaster Prime wielding a silver one.

Ok, back to the topic at hand...TFC#0 is a commemorative book-style reissue and is part of the Transformers Collection series/edition. #0 is Optimus Prime and ends with #21 Blaster. Optimus Prime is packed in a deluxe collector's box with velcro lid closure and comes with a binder for storing all the data / biocards in this series.

Again, this is one rarely-comes-out-on-Ebay item and even when you are able to find one, likelihood of it being priced out of the market is high. I've in fact searched high and low, tracking it all over the world to obtain this piece at an acceptable price but to no avail. Little would I know that I would find it under my nose in Malaysia! Hah!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

TRU collections...

Over the years, there has been collaborations between Hasbro or Takara with Toys R Us (TRU) whereby there would be exclusive TRU releases ie. only found/sold in Toys R Us stores.

I'm glad to have the luxury of owning a few of them, pretty cheap in their haydays during their initial release but as I only started this collection hobby few years back, just imagine the amount of dough I had to cough up as TRU releases are never reissued. Hence, if you miss it, the only way to purchase is via the secondary market.

Anyhow, a quick review of my TRU Japan collections :

Takara TRU Nucleon Quest Superconvoy

> basically a redeco of the Godginrai / Powermaster Prime, this time in black
> limited to only 1000 (or 3000) pieces worldwide

Takara TRU Sonic Convoy EX02

> basically, consists of a clear redeco of Galaxy Force Optimus Prime, metallic red Sonic Bomber with an exclusive Coby
> I got my set relatively cheap as it was missing Coby but it makes no difference to me. I'm not into Coby or Ramble whatsoever..

Takara TRU Magna Convoy DX

> redecoed Powerlinx Optimus Prime with a clear Ultra Magnus/Overload and exclusive X-Dimension minicon

The one still on my wishlist (more like a wishing list ie. can only wish..haha) is the Takara TRU God Fire Convoy. It's a clear redecoed version of the Fire Convoy and God Magnus. Apparently, it is the most expensive of the TRU releases (not too sure about its original retail price though...). The only downside of this giftset is the quality of God Magnus, it tends to 'yellow' especially on the clear areas. Understandable if it's in a BIB condition but in most cases, it happens even in a MISB condition which makes it even hard to swallow as you have no way to ascertain the condition of Magnus and when you purchase, it's close to purchasing a lottery ticket ie. you are not certain of 'winning'...

During the hype of Transformers, this giftset could even fetch up to RM2000. Nowadays, it's hovering around RM1500 or so which is a substantial discount but not alot of takers though...

Then, lately, there has been new TRU releases such as TFA Arcee and Masterpiece Grimlock, just to name a few. As I'm not really a avid fan of the Animated series, I'm giving Arcee a pass. Similarly with Grimlock, not into Dinobots.. however, I'm getting quite good review for this Hasbro version as it includes Grimlock's crown (King Grimlock) and better representation of the colors. A fraction of the Takara's release which is a plus point to our wallets!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

01 Optimus Prime COMPLETED!!!

01 Optimus Prime (15th anniversary reissue edition) comes in a set of 3* :

1. normal G1 Prime
2. Black Prime (also known as Jafcon Convoy, exclusively available only at Jafcon Japan)
3. New Year Convoy (comes with extra stuff...etc)

* excludes the Lucky Draw edition (the one with gold wheels) - expensive and over-rated..haha..

I believe it has been a 2 years pursuit of happyness..haha, got the New Year Convoy last year at an incredible low price (low relative to market price of RM600+ and above). Subsequently, Jafcon version by squeezing every ounce of money to own it before obtaining the normal version this year from Singapore. You can't imagine how cheap TFs are from our neighbouring country, even taking into account the currency exchange...sometimes, you just wonder how come we are paying top-notch money for toys...

I don't think I'll be de-MISB/MIB-ing them for awhile given the investment incurred...unless of course, I'm able to obtain another set, hopefully this time in loose or BIB condition.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the pics...cheers!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

G1 Prime vs G2 Prime

Offhand, no difference except number change..haha...bad joke..

Seriously, not much change in the cab robot - the same red and blue color scheme except for the Autobot logo imprinted on the right leg of the G2 Prime.

G1 Optimus Prime (top), G2 Optimus Prime (bottom). Notice the imprinted logo on the leg?

However, G2 trailer is now black in color instead of silver, with red sticker bearing the name "Optimus Prime" in place of the blue and silver striped one.

G2 Prime is more heavily armed, now with 2 black missile launchers which fire spring-loaded missiles - a lot more play value as compared to its G1 brother.

G1 Optimus Prime (back), G2 Optimus Prime (front). Distinct difference in trailer color and accessories.

I would say G2 Prime is a rare find nowadays, with MISB-conditioned box selling above RM500. If you really look around, you might find loose complete ones here and there. Most frequent find are those which are incomplete, usually missing its missiles, nozzle, fuel pump and/or hose. Fortunately, the nozzles, hose and pump do not affect transformation but for a collector, it's always a good feel to have a complete set...

More G2 Prime pics...

In case you're not aware, you can actually backpack his sound box...looks like going back to school but in a more bad-ass way with double barrels...

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

G2 Prime...

Finally, in my hands...Generation 2 Optimus Prime.

Condition : Loose, complete (would have preferred a MISB one but this would do, for now as the search continues...)