Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Beasties...where black is beautiful


Frankly, I know nuts about Beasties, have no clue about Beast Wars whether it's the storyline or the toy range... not even a fan of the cartoon series...

Then, I came across the listing of all 3 Big Convoys on Ebay. An opportunity to collect all 3 in one swoop...wanna complete a mold, might as well, do it one shot. Besides, it's the Beast version of Optimus Prime and being a Prime collector, I thot why not...

There was no turning back...no regret though coz the mold is just SUPERB!!! In addition, just flip open the chest panel and nicely housed is the Energon Matrix! Apparently, this matrix is the first-ever removable accessory.

So, roarrr, grrrrr....presenting Beast Wars Neo Big Convoys :

1. Sonokong Big Convoy : (top)
- this is the cheaper version of the Takara Big Convoy.

2. Hasbro TFU Nemesis Prime : (bottom right)
- another redeco under the Universe banner.

3. Takara exclusive Black Big Convoy : (bottom right)
- packaged in the standard Takara Big Convoy packing, with a gold sticker indicating it is the Black Big Convoy...what a convenience...

- another redeco but with awesome color scheme of black with a touch of gold on its arms, chest and legs. Black is just sheer beauty...this has to be one of the better looking Prime mold produced so far...

Just check out the pics below with all 3 Convoys in different poses and the Big Cannon (made out of the beast head and tail) in different variations :

More Primes...Part 3

Another TV magazine exclusive...Micron Legend Clear Convoy.

In most cases, it is sold together with its 'black and shiny' counterpart, Micron Legend Scourge. Similarly, it's also limited to 5000 pieces worldwide (4999 exactly coz 1 piece is with me!)

Hmm...wonder should I get another so that I could display it together with his Armada brothers? Seems so lonely in its MISB condition but then again, seems like a 'waste' to open up this.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

More Primes...Part 2

Takara Micron Legend Scourge with minicon Sweep...

It's a TV magazine exclusive mail-away and apparently, limited to only 5000 pieces worldwide (and I have 2..hehe...1 loose and another MISB). Reported to be vastly superior to the Hasbro Armada Nemesis Prime.

More Primes revealed...

It's a continuous journey to complete Optimus Prime...

More are revealed here after months of sourcing and purchasing :

1. Takara SL Grand Fire Convoy (exclusive TV magazine)(top); Takara SL Convoy + Microman Kicker anniversary special twinpack (bottom)

2. Takara ROTF Lucky Draw Clear Optimus Prime (Family Mart)(left); Takara ROTF Black Optimus Prime (Amazon Japan)(right)

3. Takara New Year Convoy Optimus Prime

This limited edition comes with diecast matrix, necklace for the matrix, Prime action master figure, stickers and mousepad among others.