Thursday, 17 June 2010

Fish heads COMPLETED!!!

No, it has nothing to do with fish head curry or assam fish head...wonder why the sudden hunger pangs? Hmm...

Armada Primes series aka Fish heads (check out the head and you'll understand what I meant) is finally completed with my last conquest of the TRU Magna Convoy set!

For the benefit of all, there are actually 6 redeco of the same mold : (lucky draw piece excluded)

1. Hasbro Armada Optimus Prime
2. Takara Armada Optimus Prime
3. Hasbro Armada Powerlinx Optimus Prime
4. Hasbro Kmart exclusive Optimus Prime
5. Hasbro Costco Optimus Prime
6. Takara TRU exclusive Optimus Prime / Magna Convoy

....and I HAVE THEM ALL!!! Hahahah...evil laugh...

Check out the TRU exclusive Magna Convoy set (ie. Powerlinx Optimus Prime + clear red Overload)...