Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My BIG bots.....COMPLETED!!!

Finally, got my last Big Bot piece...Omega Sentinel!

The brothers Omega fighting side-by-side.... (left : Omega Sentinel, right : Omega Supreme)

To recap my Big Bots collection (based on how I define a Big Bot) :

1. Energon Omega Supreme

2. Takara Superlink Omega Supreme

3. Energon Omega Sentinel

4. Energon Unicron (1 black, 1 yellow) (yellow is rare coz it's in an error Energon packing)

5. TFU Unicron

6. Cybertron Primus (with Unicron head)

7. Takara Primus

8. Cybertron Metroplex

9. Cybertron Starscream Supreme (with coronation crown)

10. TFTM Ultimate Bumblebee (which I have 2 units)