Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Takara RID Fire Convoy or Hasbro RID Optimus Prime, one of the most sought after item nowadays... can be combined with RID God Magnus to become God Fire Convoy aka Omega Prime.

IMO, there's marginal differences between the Hasbro and Takara version but the latter fetch a more ridiculous price...probably due to the whole world looking for one. If you're lucky, you should get a MISB conditioned for RM500-600 which might start you wondering whether it's worth it or otherwise..haha...

Btw, this is the Hasbro version. Takara version...hmm... :)

RID Black Convoy...don't you think that black is beautiful? With bling bling some more...hmm..

G2 convoys (Prime of Justice)...
Laser Prime and E-Hobby Ultra Magnus

Monday, 26 October 2009

Truck with wings...

Old joke...what has 4 wheels and flies? A garbage truck...hahaha...

Ok, nothing to do with the garbage truck. It's basically my complete truck (ie. Optimus Prime) with wings (ie. Jetfire, Wing Saber etc.) collection :

1. Superlink series : Grand Convoy + Wing Saber = Wing Convoy (pic)
2. Galaxy Force series : Galaxy Convoy + Sonic Bomber = Sonic Convoy (pic)
3. Armada series : Optimus Prime + Jetfire = Jet Convoy
4. Armada series : KMart Exclusive Optimus Prime + Jetfire = Jet Convoy (pic)
5. ROTF series : Optimus Prime + Jetfire = Jet Convoy
6. ROTF series : Buster Optimus Prime + Jetfire = Jet Convoy (pic)
7. Classic / Henkei series : Optimus Prime + Jetfire = Jet Convoy

Small but awesome...

The complete THS series - THS01, THS 02 and E-hobby exclusive THS 02B. Small yet awesome with its diecast parts.

The THS 02 is going to be re-issued soon, grab one now (pre-order at any toy shop or those listed here) if you have missed the 1st batch earlier.

I find the THS series very similar to its bigger Masterpiece counterparts.
THS01 = Masterpiece MP01
THS02 = Masterpiece MP04
THS02B = Masterpiece MP01B


Finally, a spot where I'm able to showcase my small modest collection... as I have only started the collection a couple of years back.

Let's start with one of my favourites...

My "Ginrai" collection
(from top : C310 Godginrai, C310E Fire Guts Godginrai, C307X Nucleon Quest Superconvoy)
C310E is limited to only 1600 units worldwide whereas C307X 1000 units (unofficial reports indicate more than 3000 units worldwide...but not sure which source is more credible..).