Thursday, 26 July 2012

Back to 'basic'...Generation One Optimus Prime

FOC Optimus Prime at 50% off didn't happen...sigh...

I shall then continue my nostalgic walk down memory lane, yet again...this time with the 1984 Generation One (G1) Optimus Prime...


 Back - 1984 by Hasbro Bradley, after Hasbro acquired Milton Bradley

 Printed and manufactured in Japan, something you don't see nowadays...

 Empty box

 Cab and trailer - quite similar with the TRU version, only with longer smokestacks

 Chrome and stickers still look excellent

 Bottom of trailer - Takara Co. Ltd. 1980,1982, Hasbro 1980, 1982

 Yes, Prime comes with a holographic rubsign

 Booklets, instruction manual, catalogue

Hmmm...G1 or G2? Which Optimus Prime series (or generation) is better, relatively speaking? You would need to decide this on your own. Maybe you would prefer TF Prime instead? :P

G1 Optimus Prime (top), G2 Optimus Prime (bottom)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Commemorative series Optimus Prime

Following the success of the War For Cybertron (WFC) series (aka TF Generations), Hasbro followed up with the Fall of Cybertron (FOC) series which was recently released. Wave 1 consists of Optimus Prime, Jazz and Shockwave and consistent with how Hasbro manages its toy assortment nowadays, Shockwave ended up as the only sought-after item in the whole carton. Jazz had quality issues (if you're too rough transforming it, soon you would find extra pieces after transformation) while Optimus Prime...sadly to say, a fraction of who (or what) he should be...small and weakly looking as compared to its WFC predecessor.

Anyway, we'll revisit FOC Optimus Prime later...I don't feel the price is right for that small figure, not for now. Who knows, it might go on clearance sales at 50% off later?

In the meanwhile, let's stroll down memory lane and review the evergreen (after countless of reissues and minor modifications) Generation One (G1) Optimus Prime...this time, the 2002 release Toys R Us (TRU) exclusive Commemorative series I.

(top : Optimus Prime Commemorative series I, bottom : Powermaster Optimus Prime Commemorative series II)

Both series were in fact, TRU exclusive, released in 2002 and 2003 respectively. Optimus Prime were almost identical to its G1 predecessors (aka those releases of 1984, 1985, 1986 till 2000) except some recognizable (maybe insignificant to others) differences such as shortened smokestacks and longer firing missiles. I was made to understand that these modifications were done for safety reasons (yes, this is a toy, 5+ years up...haha!). 

2002 release...and yes, Made in China

 Empty box

Prime and its complete accessories...grey Roller here, quite similar with the bloated G1 Prime version

Chrome and stickers are still in good condition

 Desert Dog Formula tyres...still good


Holographic rub logo - changes color when touched

The 'man' himself - Optimus Prime