Thursday, 27 October 2011

Toy Review : RTS G2 Optimus Prime

Vehicle mode :

Flip open both the doors :

Spread open the legs :

Flip the gas tanks and the flaps at the legs :

Rotate the wheels upwards :

Expand the arms :

Move the head upwards :

Expand the front bonnet area :

Flip down the 'feet' :

Flip the chest area upwards and forward :

Rotate the wheels inwards :

Press the chest downwards and lock it in its place :

Twirl the arms around :

Insert the sword into the hand...:

...and there, you have it - the Reveal The Shield G2 Optimus Prime.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Toy Review : Cybertron Primus

Primus in planet mode :

Omega lock
: an important piece for transformation. Without it, you'll find the transformation from planet to robot mode difficult but still possible.

Cyber planet key : not the original one but will do for now...

Insert the omega lock... :

...and slide it downwards :

Turn the 'legs' upwards :

Insert the omega lock into the peg hole on the legs and turn it 180 :

Now, turn the body 180 :

Insert the omega lock into the peg hole on the chest and push it upwards :

Spread the legs :

Lower down the missile launchers :

Insert the cyber planet key into the weapon compartment on the arm : the guns will pop up

Finally, push out the missiles at the legs area :

...and there, you have it - Cybertron Primus...

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Galaxy Force / Cybertron Optimus Prime...

Check out the different photography modes...which is better?
Black and white :

Nostalgic / sephia :

Vivid colors with flash (notice the flash shot on the right) :

Normal auto mode :

Just transformed this from alternate to robot mode during the weekend. Thot it would be nice to also experiment shooting some pics with my G12...and walah, the different effects with just a turn of the knob in SCN mode...

Anyway, in case, you're not familiar with this mold, there's (I think) 7 retools altogether : (X) denotes 'owning it'..hehe...

1. Takara GC-01 Galaxy Force Optimus Prime (blue legs) (X)
2. Hasbro Cybertron Optimus Prime (blue legs - similar to mine above) (X)
3. Hasbro Cybertron Galaxy Force Optimus Prime (black legs - the one in the background above) (X)
4. Takara EX-02 TRU exclusive Sonic Convoy (Optimus Prime + Sonic Bomber) (X)
5. Hasbro Cybertron (Optimus Prime + Crumplezone) twinpack
6. Hasbro Cybertron (Optimus Prime + Wing Saber) twinpack
7. MOCOM GC-01 Galaxy Force Optimus Prime (X)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Toy Review : DOTM Cyberfire Bumblebee Part 2

Now, step-by-step pictorial instructions from vehicle / alternate mode to robot mode...

Now, place the weapon into the peg on his wrist and you have Bumblebee ready for his battle with the Decepticons...

"Autobots, transform and roll out!!" (Oopss...that was by Optimus Prime)